SafeAir1 is closing its doors!  As we approach retirement age, time has become critically important to us and it seems we just can't get enough of it.  We've had a GREAT run and we've met some fantastic people.  Many of our closest friends were met along this incredible journey.  We're looking to spend more time with friends and family and we hope you understand.

What about all those great SafeAir1 Products?  Bob & Judy Avery have picked up most of our product line and will continue to produce Pitot-Static Kits, Pitot Masts, Firewall Pass-thru's, etc.  Yes, Avery Tools has gotten out of the retail business but they continue to wholesale to other suppliers.  Check Aircraft Spruce, Cleaveland Tools, etc. for these components. If you have trouble finding parts, contact SafeAir1 or Bob Avery at Avery Tools.  We don't want to leave anyone "stranded" and we're happy to help.

What about ER Tanks?  I will continue to support HWA's ER Tanks for the foreseeable future.  Kirsten Hanson has come on board, and once up to speed, will pick up the sales and marketing responsibilites for ER Tanks.  Until then, I'll be happy to help with any ER Tank issues.

Pitot Mast Replacement?  If you have one of the gold colored pitot masts and want to exchange it for the latest version, please contanct SafeAir1 or Avery Tools for a replacement.  We'll take care of you.  For more information, click here: